A committed young woman with the Mini Transat 2023 as a goal
At only 27 years old, Sasha is passionate about science, who has devoted her entire life to her scientific career. 
Until one day she decided to fully surrender to her love for the sea.Fascinated by life at sea, she decides to embark on ocean racing. 
Passionate but serious, before setting off on her own on oceans, she first wants to take the international skipper's diploma in order to test her skills. Once the diploma in hand, she starts!
She therefore decides to take the start of the next Mini Transat, a solo transatlantic race that takes place on small boats of 6m50. 
It is an intense challenge, both physical, intellectual and personal, which makes it an incredible human epic. 
But beyond the personal adventure, Sasha wants to put her project at the service of a cause that is dear to her: the integration of women into male professional circles, such as (on the off chance) sailing, research, or engineering. . .

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